Yum-Raising: The Easiest Virtual Fundraiser

Fundraising has never been easier thanks to See's Candies

You need all the helping hands you can get when it comes to fundraising this year – especially since you (and schools and groups everywhere) are eager to make up for lost time and lost dollars. When you fundraise with our friends at See’s Candies, you get the best of everything – classic candy that “sells itself”, profits up to 50%, various selling options (virtual Yum-Raising, Pre-Sell or Candy-by-the-Carton), and a personal Candy Concierge to help support you and all your fundraising needs. Bring on the chocolate!

See's Candies Yum-Raising Virtual Fall Fundraiser

See’s Candies is here to help you reach your goals with Yum-Raising, a fully virtual fundraiser centered around gaining everyone’s support in the sweetest of ways. It’s contact-free and paperless (hooray!).

So, how does it work?

In three easy steps, you’ll be tackling that fundraising goal with ease, thanks to See’s!

Step 1: Go online and set up a See’s Candies fundraiser shop here. Fill in basic info, find your group or add it. Easy-peasy, done!

Step 2: Spread the word! Send out an email to everyone you know – that includes Grandpa Joe, your neighbor Sarah, your office mates and anyone else who loves traditional, classic top-notch treats. So literally everyone! :) Fill them in about what or who you’re fundraising for, your goals, and how their participation will help. 

Pro Tip: Send a follow-up message a week or two later. Everyone is busy and your own to-do list is 5 feet long, so lend your friends a hand with a ‘Reminder’ email that could go something like this: “Hey friends, it’s the season of giving! Help support our fundraiser and stock up on the sweetest holiday gifts for family, friends, holiday hosts and more – everyone loves See’s Candies! Please place your orders by this Friday. I’ll follow up after the fundraiser and let you know what we were able to achieve with your support. THANK YOU!

Step 3: Kick back and watch the profits roll in! See’s Candies ships the orders for you, so after the orders are placed, you’re all set – earning up to 50% in profits.

After your Yum-Raising fundraiser is set in action, you’ll be brainstorming additional ways on how you can maximize this season and then it will hit you – See’s Candies’ Candy by the Carton! Purchase a carton of See’s Candies best sellers and sell your heart out at every opportunity possible! 

  • Arrive with a sign in the carpool line – Chocolate bars anyone?
  • Choir recital or science fair – see you there, butterscotch lollypops for everyone!
  • Fall festival – here we come with peanut brittle in hand!

The best part about Candy by the Carton (aside from how easy it is to tempt supporters with candy-in-hand), is all the proceeds are yours to keep – you’ll be racking up funds in real time!

See’s Candies also offers the traditional pre-sell route of taking orders in advance, then placing a bulk collective customer order – and they offer free forms and tools to keep it simple.

Whatever your cause for fundraising this season, See’s Candies is here to help you make it happen. Bring on the sweet smiles and support your mission!


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