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PD Valentines Party SignUp 2022

PD is so looking forward to celebrating the Valentines Day this year in the classroom on February 14th!  Please review each volunteer position carefully before signing up, as things are set up differently than in years past. Namely, only TWO game volunteers are allowed in the classroom and ONE craft volunteer is allowed in the classroom (with the exception of 6th grade, see more info in that specific signup for details).

In order to ensure parents have equal opportunities to volunteer, parents may only sign up for one classroom party per year for each child, unless that role is not filled by February 7th. Please keep this in mind when signing up to volunteer for the Valentines Day party. 

Lastly, keep in mind that all volunteers and students must be masked inside the school building and the students are required to be at least 3ft apart, per the DG58 guidelines. Please communicate with your classroom teacher before the party to ensure all DG58 guidelines can be accommodated within their space.

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