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OCF Competitions 2019/2020 Season

Hello OCF judges, 

Welcome to the 2019/20 competitive season. Here you will find all available sign up sheets for the upcoming season. 

General Instructions:

1. Please sign up in the judging level that most accurately reflects your experience and comfort level:

Senior Judge- you are an experienced judge, have judged at multiple competitions in the past and feel comfortable judging by yourself should it become necessary and are able/ willing to mentor a new judge.

Intermediate Judge- you are a judge that has previous judging experience but prefers not to judge by yourself or mentor a new judge yet.

Junior Judge- you are a new judge.

2. Our goal is to have our judges sign up for the full shifts, to keep judging consistent throughout the categories. However, you can leave a comment once you have signed up to let us know:

- If you want to watch your kid climb (we will try to accommodate)

- If you have a preference of which category you want to judge

- If you can’t judge for the entire round, provide notes about your availability and we may be able to slot you in as floaters/substitutes

3. Please note that the OCF has published new Competition series rules (see https://www.climbontario.ca/rules/). Please familiarize yourself with Section 10 (General Competition Rules) and Section 11 (Bouldering Rules) before the competition.

4. Study material for judges can be found here https://www.climbontario.ca/judging/ 

5. If you have any questions, please contact laura@climbontario.ca.

Many thanks, 

Laura Nuesken

Ontario Climbing Federation

Board of directors

OCF Competitions 2019/2020 Season