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SFS Parent-Teacher Conferences F 10/22


Please sign up for 10-minute IN-PERSON time slots to conference with your children's homeroom teachers, allowing for adequate travel time between children.


Please note that though you may also sign up to meet with your children's teachers of other subjects, priority scheduling will be given to each teacher's homeroom students; therefore, teachers reserve the right to contact non-homeroom students' parents to re-schedule if reserved time slots are needed to accommodate homeroom students' families.

It IS possible to schedule a meeting with multiple teachers for the same time slot IF the schedule shows that all of the desired teachers have the time open.  If this opportunity is available and desired, please sign up under the same time slot of EACH teacher involved, and then add, "Conference also with Mr/Ms. ____  and Mr/Ms.. ____ at the same time" in the COMMENTS SECTION of each sign up.

You may return to this site, as needed, to reschedule/add onto your chosen conference times, i.e., suddenly add other conferences with "specials"/non-homeroom subject teachers, until Sunday, October 17, 2021, at 6:00 PM, when on-line scheduling will close. However, please note homeroom teachers may start scheduling unscheduled homeroom families at the 1-week prior mark.    

If the dates and times available are not compatible with your schedule, please email the teachers with whom you would like to meet so that a different time may be planned.  

You will receive email reminders from the office, sign-up.com, and teachers as the conference date approaches. 

We look forward to conferencing with you to discuss your child/ren's progress!

SFS Parent-Teacher Conferences F 10/22

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