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BeltLine Lantern Parade Marshals!

We need a little help from our parade friends! We want to form five terrific teams of 10 Lantern Parade Marshals to walk with the five sections of the Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade to keep safe space around our bands and the big Krewe puppets and lanterns. 

You get a cool Lantern Parade Marshal shirt designed by yours truly! You get a foam glow stick! And, you get to walk with the rockstars! Straight up, it is kindergarten crowd control. You will sweetly say things like, "No, honey, you can't walk through the band." It'll be fun!

There are five sign-ups titled by band. Note: The last section with Wasted Potential Brass Band, has double duty as the Gatekeepers at kick-off! Big fun!

There are also 10 spots for the Marshal's Barricade Team to help set up bike-rack-style barricades that will be the "bull pen" for our bands, Krewe giants, and big lanterns. And then hang by the entry points to let everyone in and cheer their step-off! At approximately 10:30pm, we'll breakdown the barricades. The cool thing about hanging at line-up is that you get to see everything! There's not a ton of barricades - it won't be hard!

Orientation is September 5th, 7pm-8pm, where we get to meet each other, talk about parade, put on our shirts and wave our batons for a wonderful Lantern Parade Marshals group photo! Location TBA.

Parade Game Book, route, and FAQ's are at https://art.beltline.org/lantern-parade.

Thank you so much for being on the Krewe's Parade Team!


Chantelle Rytter + Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons

BeltLine Lantern Parade Marshals!

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