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Welcome to the Marching Band Chuckwagon! As a volunteer, you can sign up to help in several ways:

1) Sign up to donate!  We'll have donation slots posted for specific items...sign up and turn in your donation by the time indicated.

2) Sign up to serve!  We need volunteers to do Meal Prep and/or Serve & Clean Up for every meal.  Times will be posted, so just show up ready to volunteer and we'll put you to work. (FYI, if all the slots are taken, come away!!)

3) Sign up to cook!  I'll need additional cooks to help prep food in advance of meals.  All food will be provided for you and in the Chuckwagon by the Thursday before the meal.  Pick up your ingredients & instructions on Thursday night, cook/prepare at home, then return the prepared food to the Chuckwagon by the time indicated.

You can serve as much or as little as you are able.  If you have any questions, please contact me at andreakfisher6@gmail.com or 317-517-2369!


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