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Use Instagram Story Viewer Anonymous

Instagram is one of the famous social networking services that can surely be regarded to be playing an essential part in our daily lives. Through Instagram stories, we can express ourselves and share to the world our daily activities by posting a photograph or a video. There are plenty of moments when you really want to save a copy of any these Instagram stories simply because they become instantly inaccessible after 1 day. Once the stated period is done, if the Instagram story was not saved or put into the archive, there will be no way of restoring it. Sadly, features of keeping stories on Instagram is not accessible. To avoid losing the post you created in your unforgettable Instagram story, few techniques on how to download Instagram stories are shared here.

Your Whole Day Video Instagram Stories: Download It

In this guide, you will learn how to save Instagram story video in a single file. All your stories in one day are downloaded in a single video file. For future uses, this video will be available. Though the stories are merged in a single video and not in individual clips, it’s still much better than not having a copy of them. Locating the part of the event you wish to watch later may take some time as you need to locate for it on the timeline. Still, this is a lot better than nothing.

To begin downloading, check out the upper left part of your feed. Tap that Your Story icon. 3 dots can be found on top of your screen. Tapping the dots will reveal a more option. Tap the save option and save your story. Render time will be necessary before you view the video in your camera roll.

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Use Instagram Story Viewer Anonymous