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Classroom+Art Awareness Sign-up 2023-24

Classroom Parties: In order to ensure parents have equal opportunities to volunteer, parents may only sign up for one classroom party per year for each child.  This limit will be lifted 24 hours after the sign up is released.  After noon on Saturday, September 30th, parents may sign up for additional parties if available

Art Awareness: This program supplements the school’s art program with in-class, parent-taught, monthly art lessons. You need not be an artist or teacher to volunteer to lead a monthly Art Awareness lesson. Art Awareness has everything set up for you! The lessons and script are provided to you along with ideas for an end-of-lesson art project. The students love these lessons and it’s a great way to get in your child’s classroom and meet his/her fellow students.  Art Awareness lessons are also great to do with another parent. 

In order to view the lessons, please find them in labeled binders in the art awareness closet, along with all the supplies you will need to run the lesson. It's a good idea to check out the Art Awareness closet prior to the lesson day to ensure all the supplies needed are available. The Art Awareness supply closet can only be checked for supplies before or after school hours.  Anything that is purchased above and beyond that will be paid for by the volunteer and not reimbursed by the PTA. 

Please contact Megan Klucharik with any questions at operations@piercedownerpta.org 

Classroom+Art Awareness Sign-up 2023-24

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