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Where the Sheep Sleep 2022

This is our fabulous 5th annual event.

Our magical long weekend will be from Thursday 23th June to Monday 27th of June 2022. Together we'll create and appreciate art, immerse ourselves in inspiring performances, dance beneath the stars, enjoy a million hugs and share the deepest connections.

We're guided by the 10 Burning Man Principles. While these Principles contribute to the community's vision (more on the Principles later) you should know from the get-go that this is a purely participatory event. We encourage you to conceptualise, be crafty and get your hands dirty!

We're super excited to experience the dreamy, extravagant, playful environment that will spring up at the hands of our passionate burner community.

There are 3 different signup shifts you can participate in.

Shifts before the event starts:1 9th of June - 23rd of June

During the event:  23rd of June - 26th of June

After the event shifts: 27th of June - 28/29th of June

These are all included in the relevant signups.


check out the FAQ

•    Do I need a ticket when I’m volunteering?
Yes you need a ticket ! This is a volunteer based event, we all pay our ticket and by doing so contribute to the art and the making of the event itself. This means that volunteering does not get you a free entry, and we cannot provide tickets for volunteers.

Last of all a question from our side
If you purchased more tickets, also for others, can you inform those people about our volunteer portal. Even when they do only one shift. With all of us we can make it magical, we need you.

Ps: Of course, we do not hope you have to cancel a shift, but if for any reason, this should be the case, make sure you cancel this in Signup and get in touch with your Team Lead.

Where the Sheep Sleep 2022