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Livonia Eagles Volunteer Signup

Volunteer Signup for Livonia Eagles Football and Cheer Program activities.


Volunteer Coordinator for 2022 is Lisa Minutolo - minutolo4@gmail.com - 248-787-1131

When you sign up for a spot, it is for the entirety of the game, not just the time listed on the signup. We don’t often go into overtime, but some kick-offs start a little late. Weather may also play a factor. It is important to hold your position until the game has ended. For concessions positions, handing off to your replacement and explaining what you’ve been doing is preferred. Please be aware that most volunteer spot positions require standing for the duration of the game.

When you arrive for your shift, go to the small window on the South side of the concessions stand where there will be a sign in sheet for you to write your name next to your volunteered position. Please provide your athlete’s name if you think we may have trouble connecting your volunteer credit to them.

If you are asked to volunteer for a spot by anyone other than the Volunteer Coordinator, please email or text: your name, your athletes name, position filled, and which game/date to receive proper volunteer credit.

Our responsibility to fill certain spots differ from home and away games. Our booth and field obligations sometimes get filled by the home team at our away games. If you volunteer a spot and the other team tells you they have it covered, please let a Director or the Volunteer Coordinator know as soon as possible.

Livonia Eagles Volunteer Signup

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