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The Kaneland Youth Football League was established in 2007 with the help and support of our great community. KYFL spent 4 years participating in the Northern Illinois Football Conference and really made a name for ourselves by demonstrating teamwork, fairness, and respect with an impressive coaching staff of volunteers.

KYFL was proud to be one of the founding leagues to establish a new youth football and cheer conference in 2011. The Midwest Youth "Big 12" Conference came together with our collaboration and hard work of the Yorkville, Burlington and DeKalb youth football and cheer programs.

KYFL is looking forward to continuing our strong tradition of being an exceptional youth football and cheer program for our 2018 season!

Kaneland Youth Football League is a not-for-profit youth sports organization. Our sole purpose is to provide an environment that will support the advancement of youth tackle football, flag football and cheerleading.

Football is not only a sport, it's also a way of life. At KYFL, it is our hope to teach the love of the game and to instill the life lessons that the game of football uniquely provides. These lessons include respect, sportsmanship, dedication, discipline and fun.

Whether a first-year flag player, experienced cheerleader, or an 8th grade player who is preparing for high school football, our goal is to teach each player and cheerleader the right way to play while maintaining the passion that comes from playing and participating in the greatest of games.

We are committed to providing a wholesome environment for athletic competition. We strive to achieve this by instilling in our youth the challenge of competition including the joy of victory and the reality of defeat, along with the importance of commitment and the spirit of the community.


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