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2022 Love Burn Volunteer Shift Selection

Wow! You are truly amazing!

Seriously, with EVERYONE VOLUNTEERING at least 4 hours, The Love Burn has grown steadily over the years. Participation is key to a happy community.

1. Thanks, first off, for getting your TICKET to the event. Everyone needs a ticket to enter (and parking pass). Tickets will be available soon.

2. Please select 4 hours of Volunteer time. There are so many amazing things you can do to help.

SUGGESTIONS for Different Personalities: 

  • Social Butterfly? Try Greeters.
  • OCD? Leave No Trace and DPW QuarterMaster help keep everything tidy.
  • Builders and Machine Operators? Join one of the DPW teams.
  • Love Paperwork? Join the Gate, DMV or Volunteer Check In teams.
  • Like to see everything? Rangers roam around as eyes and ears of event.
  • Good at Reading Maps? Join Placement to help people find homes.
  • Natural-born Salesperson? Ice crew to sell ice to beach eskimos.
  • Put Bandaids on Injuries? Join the Medical Team.
  • Pyromaniac? Join Fire Perimeter or Fire Safety teams.
  • Calming personality? Join Sanctuary.
  • Super flexible? Choose put me anywhere

3. Post about #TheLoveBurn to your profile so you can meet more Love Burners before the event. Let's build this amazing community together.

4. Please note that some dates and shifts may change. We will try to keep everything as easy as possible for everyone. At the event, there will be volunteer check in station(s). Thanks!

Questions? email volunteers@theloveburn.com

2022 Love Burn Volunteer Shift Selection