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Sewing Masks - So VT/SW NH Area

Welcome! We are sewing cotton masks to donate to schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities that may need them in the Southern VT / SW NH Area.

You are invited to join our Facebook Group and to sign up for our email newsletter.

You're also invited to check out our website! Our website has info about:

  • How to sign up facilities to receive masks
  • Where to find Supply Depots - locations in our area where materials such as fabric and elastic can be obtained to sew masks from 
  • FAQ & other info about making masks
  • ...And more!

Please note: 

  • If you sign up to make a certain number of masks, you are committing to that. If you find that you can’t fulfill for any reason, please open it back up so someone else can take it on.
  • When you drop off masks, please add the tally to the MASK TALLY Facebook Post.

Thank you for your efforts to take care of our community at this time!

Jen & the "Sewing Masks - So VT/SW NH Area" Group

Sewing Masks - So VT/SW NH Area