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Levi Crew - Logan Band/Guard Boosters

2020-2021 Season Levi Event Sign-Ups posted here.  

Join other booster members to work concession stand at Levi Stadium.  Earn $100/event/volunteer toward your student account.

Uniform: Logan Booster black polo, Logan Booster black hat, Black Slacks, non-slip black shoes, apron (provided). Note: The student account will be charged $30 at the 1st event you work and credit back $30 at the 4th event worked.

Mandatory Training: Before you can start participating, you are required to complete the following mandatory training:

Complete and pass the online Alcohol certification at levy.restaurant.org
Password: levy
When completing the first page:
 - Date of Hire: MM/DD/YYYY
 - Job Title: Non-Profit
 - Location: CA Levi's Stadium
 - Our Non-Profit is: James Logan Band Boosters

At the end please use my email levi@loganband.org so I receive notification that you've completed the course and test.  Make sure you send a separate email with your contact info (email and phone number), shirt size, and student account to the Levi's Coordinator at: levi@loganband.org

Levi Crew - Logan Band/Guard Boosters

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