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Magnolia ES and PTA Volunteer Signup

Welcome to the Magnolia Elementary School(MES) and  MES PTA Volunteer Signup.com Page.

For on-campus volunteering and chaperoning such as monitoring recess and lunch, after school, in class, field trips, and etc.: 

  1. Obtain approval from SPS.  Follow these instructions.
  2. Once your SPS application gets approved (i.e. the volunteer portal says “You are Eligible to volunteer with Seattle Public Schools”), please email volunteers@magnoliaschoolpta.org to attend a mandatory orientation session and get Magnolia Elementary School (MES)-level approval.
  3. Once you have attended a mandatory orientation session and receive Magnolia Elementary School (MES)-level approval, you can come back to our signup.com page and sign-up for on-campus opportunities. You are eligible for all volunteer positions  including those marked with MES APPROVAL REQUIRED.

All other MES and PTA volunteer opportunities that, sign-up volunteer positions are found below.

Magnolia ES and PTA Volunteer Signup

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