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Indigo! Fair 2023

Many hands make light work and this is a spectacular event to be involved in. Please have a look at the time slots and areas for help that are needed and sign-up for one or even more hours. Grandparents, Carers, responsible older siblings are also welcome to help out! This is a big event and needs lots of helping hands. GRADE ALLOCATION GUIDES ARE AS FOLLOWS: (this is just a general guide - you can sign up to volunteer anywhere you feel compelled)

PREP - Indi Salon/ Showbags

GRADE 1 - Cakes & Sweets Stall/ Book Stall 

GRADE 2 - Mega Pass & Rides Tickets/ BBQ

GRADE 3 - Pizza Cafe/ Indi Salon

GRADE 4 - Side Show Alley/ Pizza Cafe

GRADE 5 - Bar / BBQ/ Clean, Green Team

GRADE 6 - Side Show Alley/ Raffle Ticket Sales

Please note there is also some set-up and pack-down opportunities for the whole event as well as some of the individual areas including - Friday, Saturday and Sunday availability.

SignUp is free thanks to our sponsors: