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Grow Food & Get Cooking Education

Through education with our programs and facilitation, we strengthen and support sustainable community food systems, provide kids and the community with gardening and cooking skills, along with knowledge and understanding of the food system. 

The programs inspire participants to grow, harvest or cook and enjoy their own fresh organic food while learning more about their local food system and how to become stewards of the environment. Participants will explore scientific theory, apply math lessons, create art, reflect and write, improve motor skills and promote healthier eating habits.

These programs are available to schools, organizations or any groups of all ages within the community.

As a Non-Profit organization, Foodshare offers these educational programs for the community on a sliding scale. This is to ensure that everyone within the community can participate in these programs. If these investment options are still a barrier for you to participate, then please email foodskills@nanaimofoodshare.ca

Grow Food & Get Cooking Education