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Jane Stenson PTA

The PTA is a volunteer organization consisting of parents and teachers to promote the welfare of students in the home, school and community. Together we work to enhance the lives of our students and expand their learning experiences by providing programs and cultural arts events which increases each child's awareness of the community in which we live.

With the funds we raise we are able to sponsor many events throughout the school year. These events include a family dance, family game night, international night, book fairs, Stenson Pride t-shirts and the school store, just to name a few. We have also been able to assist our school by donating funds to purchase educational equipment that would otherwise not be attainable. We are very proud of our hard working, dedicated volunteers who make all these programs possible and our success greatly benefits our children.

Your support is essential! Please join the Jane Stenson PTA so we can continue to expand our children's learning experiences.




Jane Stenson PTA

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