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DGN Friends of Fine Arts Volunteers

Thanks for checking out our current volunteer needs for DGN Choir, Band, Orchestra, Theater, and Visual Arts. We are currently looking for a few people to help out with the plant sale plant distribution this Saturday.  High school students welcome!  You can sign-up below for those activities and events which you'd like to help out with. This is a great way to support your kids and the Fine Arts Program. 

Questions?  e-mail volunteers.dgnfofa@gmail.com or katie.blanchard@outlook.com.

If you have an immediate question that cannot wait for a reply, contact Katie Blanchard at 630.258.1602.

If it is time for you to be removed from the "FOFA Volunteers" list, please let us know at the email above.  Thank you so much!


DGN Friends of Fine Arts Volunteers

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