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2023 Clermont County Dems Fair Week

Join your Dem friends at the 2023 Clermont County Fair. Let's show Clermont County that Democrats are here! Sign up for a four-hour shift, or stay longer and sign up for multiple shifts and, or multiple days. (Minimum shift is two hours). Volunteering in our air-conditioned building includes a fair ticket and parking. Hours are:

Sunday - Parade Day & Armed Forces Day - 12pm-6pm

Monday - 10am-8pm

Tuesday - 10am-8pm

Wednesday - Seniors Day - 10am-8pm

Thursday - 10am-8pm

Friday - 10am-9pm

Saturday - 10am-9pm

Sunday - Clean Up Day - 11am-1pm

Everyone is encouraged to volunteer for any day and any time!

*Hours subject to change based on coverage. 

2023 Clermont County Dems Fair Week

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