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2019 Cascadia Dirt Cup Volunteer Army

Enlistment is now open for the 2019 Cascadia Dirt Cup Volunteer Army. It's all thrills and no drills, powered by high fives and hot meals, lots of beverages and lucky raffle tickets (fingers crossed!) March on down and sign up for duty. Bring a buddy and earn double the benefits plus instant hero status!

You give the shirt of your back at our events, and now we’ve got you covered! We've partnered with Dan Saimo of D1RTCO to provide custom designed t-shirts to everyone joining our Volunteer Army of Awesome this season! We wanted a design that looks sharp while on duty, plus so snazzy you'll want to wear it off duty too! Most importantly, we wanted to create a strong visual statement of the incredible number of people it takes to put on these events. Our entire volunteer army in the same shirt on race day creates a shining sea of blue. The back of the shirt includes logos of the volunteer-based organizations that also play a big role in making the CDC happen. Forward to back, the CDC was built on volunteers, and will continue to grow stronger through your energy and efforts. From the racers to the event organizers, thank you for making us all shine brighter!

2019 Cascadia Dirt Cup Volunteer Army

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