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St Brigids P&F Just One Thing Volunteers

Dear Parents & Carers,

St Brigid’s prides itself on its family environment and friendly atmosphere.  The P&F plays a vital role in supporting and strengthening this community.  The function of the P&F is not to Fundraise, it is to enhance engagement and build community.  Every family in the St Brigid’s community automatically becomes a P&F Member and is welcome and encouraged to support our activities.  We understand that everyone is busy, however, The P&F Committee, on behalf of the students - our children - are asking you to do JUST ONE THING for this community to keep it vibrant and strong. 

Following is a list of events/ functions/ tasks for 2022.  Please consider doing one thing  for this community. Of course, if there is more than one thing, please go ahead and sign up to as many as you wish. The benefit of having it all listed for the year and doing it through Sign Up is that if you don't think you can committ now, say in a months time you may find that you can. Keep this link handy and jump on when you have some spare time and see what you can do!  

Have any other ideas in building the St Brigid's School Community email  SBE_PandFSecretary@rok.catholic.edu.au or come along to one of our monthly meetings.

We look forward to a generous response. Every little bit helps in building our School Community

Yours Faithfully,

 St Brigid’s Parents and Friends Association Executive Committee

St Brigids P&F Just One Thing Volunteers