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Falcon WiNGS Volunteers

Falcon WiNGS Volunteers-

Thank you for volunteering to help the Falcon WiNGS! 

Sign up sheets for various needs will be posted here throughout the year.     

* Concessions Volunteers - This year we are asking for team/club/activity GROUPS to volunteer for both indoor and outdoor concessions.  Coaches will be provided with the allocations and sign up information at their August meeting. One person will sign up online and then they will be responsible for finding the necessary number of volunteers to staff the concession stand at each event.  Allocations and required number of volunteers vary depending on the event. If you have any questions regarding how to sign your team/club up to volunteer and earn money for your team/club please reach out to us: president@wnfalconwings.org 

PLEASE NOTE: If we do not have volunteers 24 hours in advance of an event, we will not be able to open. ALL teams/clubs/activity groups have the opportunity to book concessions spots at ANY event.  In addition to the allocation your group earns, volunteering earns your group eligibility for wish list items.

**Children younger than high school age are not allowed in the stand during football games.**

Thank you again for volunteering!

Falcon WiNGS Volunteers

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