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Falcon WiNGS Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering to help the Falcon WiNGS! 

Volunteers who are WiNGS members will earn $10 for their sport or activity by helping in the concession stand and/or with spirit wear sales. Students who are earning volunteer hours for an organization (Key Club, NHS...) will not earn the money; however, students who want help out their sport or activity will get the money. When you arrive at your post, you will designate where you want the money to go.

If we do not have volunteers 24 hours in advance of the event, we will not be opening. Please sign up early!

Concession Stand policy on younger children:

Children younger than high school age do not count as a volunteer and will not get the 'payment'.

Children younger than high school age cannot handle money and must be supervised at all time.

Children younger than high school age are not allowed in the stand during football games.

Thank you again for volunteering!

Falcon WiNGS Volunteers

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