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Studio Tenn Volunteer Spots

Thank you for checking out the Studio Tenn Volunteer Opportunities!

Please sign up ONLY for spots you are CERTAIN you can fulfill. Our volunteers are an integral part of our operations, and no-shows severely affect our ability to provide our patrons with the complete Studio Tenn experience they have come to expect.

The dress code for show volunteers is either all black, or a white shirt with black pants or skirt.  And of course, when you show up to work your spot, you are welcome to watch that performance free of charge. 

For posters and office spots, you will receive comp tickets as specified in the job descriptions. 

Thank you SO much for your commitment to Studio Tenn! 

Todd Morgan, Managing Director

Logan Treadaway, Interim Marketing Director

Abi Inglis, Communication & Box Office Associate

Julie Franklin, Volunteer Coordinator

Studio Tenn Volunteer Spots

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