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SRPC - Working Membership Sign Up

Thank you for visiting the Saukville Rifle & Pistol Club sign up site. This is the place to sign up for tasks in order to fulfill your working membership requirement. You are also welcome to sign up for tasks as a volunteer. Remember, by signing up to help, you are making the club a better place for yourself and others to enjoy.

Thank You for helping!

Please review the available tasks and sign up for something that is of interest to you. Please note that certain tasks have specific training or other requirements; this will be noted within the task description (i.e. a bar tending license is required for a bar tending task).

The annual working requirement for a standard working membership is eight hours. You must work these hours during a membership year which runs from 8/1 to 7/31 the following year. Tasks are typically four hours long and in this case you will need to sign up for two four-hour tasks. Show up for your task assignments and you are done!

Note that, for the first year that we are instituting the working membership, any hours worked prior to 8/1/2018 will count toward the 8/1/2018 to 7/31/2019 membership. During signup, you can choose the membership year that you want the hours applied to.


1) Who can I contact with questions about the sign ups?  Please send an email to work@saukvillegunclub.com

2) Can I bring a friend or family member to help, and receive credit for these hours?  Yes you can. Just sign up for multiple spots using your membership number and you will receive credit for those hours.

SRPC - Working Membership Sign Up

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