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Standing on the Side of Love

Our Ministry Team and Task Force groups offer you many opportunities to promote and advocate for justice, within church walls and on the streets.  Presently we have a

  • Standing on the Side of Love Concerts Task Force working on "Concerts for a Cause"  
  • Forward Together Task Force partnering with the NAACP to facilitate attendance at the annual Historic Thousands on Jones St. rally, and working in other ways to dismantle racism, 
  • a  GLBT Task Force promoting our presence with other UUs at the annual Pride Fest, 
  • A Voter Registration/GOTV working group and
  • opportunities to staff a "Love Table" after services, to communicate with church members about all of our activities.

We thank you for your interest and invite you to find a way to add your voice and your efforts to our call for justice, in the spirit of Love.   

Standing on the Side of Love

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