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Where the Sheep Sleep 2018

For the 3rd time in a row, Burning Man NL invites you to our summer event Where the Sheep Sleep.

From July 26th to 30th 2018, the lush green fields of the east part of Holland welcome you for a long weekend full of art, performances, music, creativity, connection and surprises.
(Exact location will be announced.)

Thanks for joining our crew! Volunteering makes you 100% sexier and gets you looooooads of karma points!

Please fill all the questions of your profile. If you already know which team you want to join, just browse through the available positions and click JOIN or APPLY TO JOIN, and someone from that team will be in contact with you.
If you just want to fill in the blanks for some shifts email us at volunteer@burningman.nl

Please read the Burning Man Behavioral Standards and click on yes in your profile    

Dusty Hugs,
Burning Man Netherlands

check out the FAQ

•    Do I need a ticket when I’m volunteering?
Yes you need a ticket ! This is a volunteer based event, we all pay our ticket and by doing so contribute to the art and the making of the event itself. This means that volunteering does not get you a free entry, and we cannot provide tickets for volunteers.

•    Do you need a membership?
A membership is no longer required.

Last of all a question from our side
If you purchased more tickets, also for others, can you inform those people about our volunteer portal. Even when they do only one shift. With all of us we can make it magical, we need you.

Ps: Of course, we do not hope you have to cancel a shift, but if for any reason, this should be the case, make sure you cancel this in Signup and get in touch with your Team Lead.

Where the Sheep Sleep 2018