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Merrimack Private Swim Lessons

We are thrilled to once again offer private lessons at Merrimack. These lessons are taught by our wonderful swim team coaches. Please note - lessons are only for registered Merrimack accounts. The child taking the lesson must be "a paid swimmer" on a family's Merrimack account.

To offer private lessons at Merrimack, each instructor must be a Merrimack Pool Member, a coach on the Merrimack swim team and have current lifeguard certifications.

Lessons will be $25 for a 30-minute lesson, (25 minutes in water with a 5 minute debrief with the parent.) Payment should be electronic (Venmo, Paypal) or by check paid directly to the coach. No cash this year. Payment is expected at the end of the lesson.

When booking please give your name, the name of your child, your telephone number, and do book at least one day in advance. Make sure you press the SAVE on the banner at the top to ensure all your spots are saved.

Lessons may need to be moved or canceled if there is inclement weather. Do note that teenagers are often more quick to respond to texts rather than emails.

Lessons will take place in ‘open swim’ so if you would prefer water space to be less crowded, do pick a non-peak time if there is an available coach  If there happens to be an empty lap lane, coaches may move there but priority must be given to  lap swimmers.

Do note that the private swim lessons are separate from swim team, so if you have any questions or queries, please contact MPRA Board member, Siobhan Gonzalez, SiobhanGonzalez@hotmail.com. Do not contact Elizabeth or members of the swim team who have enough on their plate this year!


Merrimack Private Swim Lessons