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Richards R-V School Parent/Teacher Conf

This Sign Up is for 6th-8th grade only.  Each upper grade teacher has their own signup.  You may sign up for any individual upper grade teacher you need to visit with.  Preschool through 5th grade teachers will be contacting parents direct to set up a meeting by phone or virtually.  

All parents who come in for a conference will have to wear a mask to limit exposure.  If you do not have a mask, one will be available at the door.  If you do not want to wear a mask, then please request a conference by phone or virtually.  

Please sign up below for a Parent/Teacher Conference appointment with your child's teacher.  Some of the times may vary by teacher.

Click "View" on your child's teacher conference.  This will bring up the appointment calendar.  Choose your appointment time and "Sign Up!".  This will ask for your e-mail address, your name, telephone number and student's name.  Click on "Save and Done" button.  You may then enter a comment if needed.  Your appointment is now scheduled.  (If you need to remove your appointment, click on "My Spots" and the drop down and click on "remove").

If you have another child or want to sign up with additional teachers, you may then go through the same process again for the next teacher.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 417-256-5239.

Richards R-V School Parent/Teacher Conf

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