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StMCS Event Commitments

The spirit of St. Michael Catholic School is a direct result of family involvement and support!  Our expectations for participation in fundraising and school community events are designed to ensure that all families contribute to our success in a minimum of two ways.  However, opportunities for involvement extend far beyond this basic requirement.

Every family is expected to contribute time to work at two events per year.  Families have the ability to choose which events best match their interests and schedules.  You can work two fundraisers, two fun events, or one of each.  We often have need for additional help, so signing up for more than your required two events is encouraged AND appreciated!

MOST events listed via this group link fulfill the event commitment.  However, occasionally we use the page to broadcast other sign up opportunities that do NOT fulfill the event commitment, for example contributing to teacher conference meals.  The sign up will specify if it does not fulfill the event commitment.

StMCS Event Commitments

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