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Community Hope Center

Come volunteer at the Community Hope Center to help us address the tremendous needs of our community in the wake of the pandemic. The emergency is behind us, but the social and economic disparities laid bare require continued attention and action. 

Our new name reflects our hopeful focus on the future and our dedication to gathering the strengths and resources of our community to address the complex challenges together.

Our Mission

To love our neighbors by ensuring access to food and essentials, empowering them with opportunities to grow, and enriching lives through supportive relationships. 

Our Vision 

A city where everyone thrives!

Our Values

Collaboration: We are committed to cross-sector collaboration, bringing together diverse community stakeholders to collectively identify and develop sustainable solutions to our city's complex challenges.

All People: We value every community member and are committed to serving each person with dignity, kindness, and respect- regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, age, or sexual orientation.

Relationships: We believe healthy relationships are essential for happiness, growth, and resilience. We are committed to investing the time necessary to know our neighbors and connect them to the resources and relationships we all need to flourish. 

Engagement: We believe everyone has something to offer. We are committed to engaging the strengths and resources of the neighbors we serve. We rely on community volunteers to get the job done.

Community Hope Center