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MKS 2021 Volunteers Sign-ups

Thank you for considering volunteering to make the 2020-21 Dance Concert an AWESOME weekend!  

Just click on the Day(s)/Time(s) below for which you are interested in helping out to see where we have available spots!  

Please note that Volunteers who are helping out during a show will sit in a designated area in the auditorium when it is time for the class to perform, so you will not need to save your allotted seat for yourself.  (This may free up a much-needed seat for a family member or friend too!)  You will not miss out on seeing your dancer perform!

We will be offering additional seats for our Volunteers.  Seating will be available as first-come, first-served - General Admission.  Check your email regarding seat allotments as we get closer to the show dates!

Jesus Reigns,
Michelle Revelle & the MKS Staff

MKS 2021 Volunteers Sign-ups

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