Ways to Show Appreciation During National Nurses Week

Say Thank You to the Nurses Making a Difference in Your Community

The pandemic shone a spotlight on healthcare professionals, especially nurses, and reminded everyone of how much they do for their communities – whether they work at a retirement home, hospital, school, or in patients’ homes. National Nurses Week (May 6-12) is their week! How can you show appreciation for all that they do? SignUp is sharing some sweet ideas to express the love and gratitude that nurses deserve more than ever.

Show Appreciation During National Nurses Week

Celebrate a Nurse in your Life

  • A small token of appreciation has a way of making a big statement – attach a sweet (and punny) handwritten note to a small gift to show some love. Something like:

    • Lifesavers: “Thank you for being a lifesaver!”

    • Heart-Shaped Candy: “I appreciate you with all my heart!”

    • Chocolate Gold Coins: “You are a real treasure – thank you for all you do!”

    • Star-Shaped Cookies: “You are a bright star in my life – thank you!”

    • Gift card: “You are a real gift in my life and I am so grateful!”

  • Write and hand-deliver a thank you note or send a free epraise card  to their inbox to let them know you think they’re amazing.

  • Offer your time. Nurses are busy even during non-pandemic days – ask what you can do to help alleviate some stress from the everyday juggle. Do they need help with walking their dog, grocery shopping or other weekly to-dos? (Pro Tip: Use SignUp to organize a ‘Nurse Appreciation Mutual Aid ’ and get others involved in the efforts on an ongoing basis!)

  • Create signs of thanks (get the whole family to participate!) and then hang them in your windows at home or at your business – you never know how many nurses live in your neighborhood. (And if you do know a nurse who lives in your neighborhood, post an uplifting sign in the nurse’s yard or on their door!)

  • Post a heartfelt thank you message on Facebook or Twitter to a nurse that has made a difference in your life and be sure to tag them.

  • Make your favorite nurse or nursing staff a sweet treat or dinner and drop it off at the hospital or clinic.

Celebrate National Nurses Week with your Organization

  • Post a series of features on your social media channels, in your newsletter and/or on your website – in each one recognize an individual nurse for his or her hard work, caring nature, or whatever it is that makes them especially special in their role.

  • Hire a massage therapist to provide 15-minute chair massages.

  • Put an ad in your local newspaper celebrating your nurse heroes.

  • Order lunch in (but set up outside if the weather is nice!) – everyone loves free food and it’s especially nice for those who typically dine on cafeteria or vending machine food! 

  • Bring in a few therapy dogs for de-stressing cuddle time.

  • Before National Nurses Week in May, pick up some thank you greeting cards and ask patients, doctors, and regular visitors to sign them. Then hand them out to your nursing staff with a special treat.

  • Choose a theme and decorate your hospital or clinic for National Nurses Week. For example, hang a banner that says “Our nurses are out of this world!”, then decorate with stars and planets – write a nurse’s name on each one before hanging.

  • Have fun with a game, like a “germ” hunt – hide paper germs  (a great craft for any kiddos in your life!) around your facility and hand out prizes to nurses that find them.

  • Hand out matching t-shirts that say something like “I’m a Frontline Warrior” or “I’m a Nurse, What’s Your Superpower?” – take pictures to share on social media and your website.


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