Easiest Pickleball SignUps: A Game for EVERYONE!

Rules, Tips, & How SignUp Can Help Organize

Young, old(er), small town, big city, athlete or sport newbie – wherever you are in life, it seems pickleball is taking over! Players quickly get hooked on this game and it’s easy to see why – everyone can play. Whether you’re a beginner to this fun calorie-kicking game or last year’s reigning Pickleball Pro Champion, SignUp makes this favorite sport easier than ever to play to win!

Easiest Pickleball SignUps

How to Play

Pickleball is a combination of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. It’s played on a short court with a centered net, with players using mid-size paddles and large softball-size wiffle balls. The overall goal is to score the most points through mental strategies and physical placement skills – essentially outsmarting your opponent/s!

Top-Level Rules: 

  • Games are played either singles or doubles.

  • To win the game, you must earn 11 points and win by 2 points. 

  • The “one-bounce” rule applies throughout the game.

  • Don’t get caught in the “kitchen!” This is the space located in the front of the court, closest to the net – if you’re in the kitchen when you hit the ball, your point is null. 

  • Get the full scoop on how to play pickleball with the official rules from USAPA.

Tips for Winning

These tips were collected from an all-star pickleball player, sure to help you show-off!

  • Easy points come with savvy serves. Practice your serve and see the impact on your score!

  • Playing doubles? Communication is key! Make sure to call “mine” or “yours” to ensure your duo is on the same pickleball page.

  • Think ‘dink’ – a soft, but strong play cleverly used to cause your opponent to struggle to return the ball. Count on points when you master this slick shot. 

  • Lofty lobs keep opponents in the back court so you can dominate the net – this is where you make that winning “put away” and earn the champ title!

  • It’s all about the spin – whether it’s topspin or underspin, you can change the game with this technique. Add mega bounce or cut the bounce short – keep ‘em guessing! 

Pickleball SignUp

The Biggest Draw of the Game

Pickleball is easy to organize and it’s easy to participate because it doesn’t require coordination of large teams and doesn’t require a regulars-only commitment. While competitive league play is option, pickleball is often played as a social 'mixer' game and provides the opportunity to make new friends every time you play. It’s all about getting some exercise, meeting new people and having fun – of course, all in a low-stress environment.

Easily Organize Games with SignUp!

Looking for the easiest way to manage pickleball players? Or maybe you wish signing up with your local group was easier? Suggest SignUp! If you’re in charge of the schedule, use SignUp to create the day and time slots available on game days. Players will thank you for providing an easy-to-use platform to join with (with no participant login ever required) and will love the automated reminders. You’ll love that everyone shows up and keeps their commitments.

Let the games begin this season when you bring people together for fun exercise that builds friendships!

 We are a group of adults passionate about pickleball. In the fall we needed a tool to book indoor court time since the outdoor courts were no longer available. SignUp was exactly the tool we needed. Our less-than-tech-savvy group found it very easy to use. As coordinator, I found client support exceptional. I must say that all members LOVED the ease in using this sign-up program. I highly recommend this service.  

~ Elaine Bisson, Ottawa, Canada


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