SignUp.com Reviews

Since day one, SignUp.com has remained loyal to the everyday heroes that use our solutions. Whether your goal is get more time with family, champion a worthwhile cause, or simply fulfill your daily commitments with grace—we take pride in your success. Take a look at the Coordinator Spotlight to see how parents, teachers, business leaders, and social planners have used SignUp.com to do more.


" Thank you so much for making coordinating parents in my kindergarten classroom so EASY! I will use this program FOREVER. Thank you for offering it as a free service. It is too good to be true.! "

~ Kathy D., Room Mom, Wexford, PA

" This is my first year using you. It's very helpful for school get-togethers and potluck organizing. It's great that you can sign up and tell others what you are bringing, and see what others are bringing. Genius! "

~ Kelley F., Potluck Coordinator, Jackson, TN

" Thank you for your help organizing our pledge drive. It made my job as volunteer coordinator much easier. We will be using you again for our Fall Pledge Drive. "

~Jane Niemeier, Volunteer Coordinator, San Diego, CA

" I'm a HUGE fan - we signed up over 350 volunteers and it could NOT have been easier! "

~Allie M., Highlands Summerfest, Atlanta, GA

" This was the EASIEST year I've ever had for donations and volunteers we needed on Play Day! Thanks so much! "

~ Em V., Volunteer Coodinator, Sykesville, MD

" We used you for organizing our high school athletic events ticket takers for the entire year and it worked swimmingly. Plus having the email reminders has been the best blessing! LOVED IT! "

~ Heather Furrow, Administrative/AD Assistant, Fairbury, NE

" Wow! You have saved me hours and hours of emails and phone calls. Thank you! "

~ Joyce F., Kindergarten Homeroom Mom, Farifax, VA