25 Fantastic Field Trip Ideas

Fuel Your Imagination and Planning

Nothing captivates students and youth groups more than the thrill of FIELD TRIPS! These special excursions give kids a chance to encounter new experiences, expand their horizons, cultivate fresh interests, and revel in fun with friends. Below, we’re sharing 25 of our favorite field trip ideas to fuel your imagination and planning.

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Terrific Tips for Field Trip Planning 

Wherever you decide to venture, remember these tips to ensure a safe and splendid experience for everyone: 

  1. Align field trips with educational objectives or significant milestones in the school year.

  2. Choose age-appropriate venues and activities, and come prepared with a game plan and instructional materials.

  3. Provide enough chaperones to ensure the safety of all students/group members. (Pro Tip: Use SignUp to recruit parent volunteers!)

  4. Follow school/group guidelines for arranging transportation, collecting permission slips, organizing buses, carpooling, etc. 

  5. Communicate expectations for bringing or buying snacks, lunch, and beverages.

  6. For elective and costly field trips, provide fundraising opportunities to enable more students to participate.

  7. Educate both children and chaperones on safety measures and emergency procedures.

Fantastic Field Trip Ideas 

Art Museum: Ignite creative expression and cultivate an appreciation for cultures, history, and identity by visiting a local museum. Many offer curriculum tailored to specific age groups, along with knowledgeable guides and engaging activities for your class or group.

Aquarium: Dive into the world of ocean life and ecosystem conservation by exploring an oceanarium or aquarium.

Bank: Extend financial literacy lessons with a visit to a main bank branch, offering insights into opening savings accounts, understanding money flow, and even a glimpse into the vault.

Bakery or Candy/Ice Cream Factory: Arrange a tour of a local bakery or industrial food production site to discover the intricacies of food production, complete with delicious samples!

Botanical Garden: Embark on a journey through diverse plant species, learn about local ecosystems, and marvel at the beauty and wonders of nature.

Civil Rights Landmarks: Explore historical sites related to civil rights to enhance students' understanding of the enduring struggle for racial and social equality.

College Campus: Introduce students to the college experience, sparking excitement about higher education and future possibilities.

Cultural Neighborhood Tour: Roam through culturally vibrant neighborhoods to gain insight into various traditions, cuisines, and customs.

Environmental Cleanup Expedition: Participate in a cleanup event at a local park, lake, or trail promoting environmental awareness and community engagement.

Farm or Dairy: Gain hands-on knowledge of sustainable agriculture, interact with farm animals, and learn about the farm-to-table process.

Government: Foster civic participation with a tour of local, state or national houses of government, complete with an introduction to elected representatives.

Graveyard: Pay a visit to the resting places of local heroes and significant historical figures to pay respects, and to discover their life stories and the influence they've had on your community.

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Historical Reenactment: Immerse in living history at reenactment events while giving students an experiential understanding of the past.

Local Business/Factory: Take a revealing tour of a prominent local business or factory to learn about their products, manufacturing processes, and community impact.

Nature Photography: Organize a nature photography expedition where students can capture the beauty of the outdoors and showcase their creativity.

Performing Arts Showcase: Attend a theater performance, dance show, or concert to foster an appreciation for the performing arts and encourage creative expression.

Preserve or Park: Explore local green spaces to study wildlife, conduct nature walks, and emphasize the importance of nature conservation.

Pumpkin Patch: Embrace fall with a visit to the nearby pumpkin patch where students can enjoy hay rides, corn mazes, face painting, and the delight of picking their own pumpkins. 

Science or Innovation Center: Explore a science or technical innovation center where students can participate in interactive exhibits, conduct science experiments, and learn about exciting future technologies.

Skating: Mark a school year milestone with a party at your local (ice or roller) skating rink, complete with beginner lessons, pizza, and treats.

Stadium or Sports Arena: Visit the home of your local sports team and get a behind-the-scenes tour of the venue, complete with team autographs. 

Theme Park: Celebrate hard work with a recreational outing to a local amusement park, water park, or other entertainment center. 

Virtual Reality Tours: Transport students to renowned museums and iconic sites around the world through virtual reality, offering a unique way to explore art and history.

Volunteer Experience: Dedicate a day to community service at a local nonprofit, teaching students the importance of supporting their community and offering insight into nonprofit operations.

Wilderness Survival: Collaborate with a local guide or company to arrange a wilderness survival camp that teaches students essential skills like shelter construction, fire-making, foraging for food, water purification, and more.


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