Sports Awards Certificates

Free Customizable Certificates for End-of-Season Celebrations

Another sports season is in the books and it's time to celebrate accomplishments, big and small. Recognize each player (and don't forget the coach and team parents!) for their unique contribution to the team effort this season with these printable or digital PDF sports award certificates – customize as you see fit!

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Recommended Supplies:

  • Free printable "Sports Awards Certificates" PDFs (below)
  • Optional: white printer paper and a printer + a pen or marker 


(Please Note: In order to use the fillable PDF function, you must follow these directions from a big screen device (such as your laptop or desktop computer) OR you must have a document editing app (such as Adobe Acrobat) installed on your phone.)

1. Click on any image below to open the matching fillable PDF certificate.

2. For each fillable field, click on it and enter the needed information.

3. Download the PDF to your computer. (Pro Tip: You can also edit the form fields AFTER you download, if you see that you missed or need to change something.)

4. Email the certificates to the recognized team members and/or print them out to present them in person at your end-of-season awards ceremony.

Click Any Image Below to Open the Fillable PDF File: 
soccer award certificate

football award certificiate

baseball award certificate

basketball award certificate

volleyball award certificate

tennis award certificate

dance award certificate

cheerleading award certificate

golf award certificate

hockey award certificate

soccer certificate

football certificate

baseball certificate

basketball certificate

volleyball certificate

tennis certificate

customizable student appreciation certificate purple

cheerleading certificate

lacrosse award certificate

golf certificate

hockey certificate

track certificate for women

wrestling certificate

track certificate for men

gymnastics certificate

red and blue award certificate

black and gold award certificate

orange and white award certificate

green and gold award certificate

red and black certificate

turquoise and white award certificate

blue and gold award certificate

purple and gold award certificate
best coach award certificate

generic sports certificate

best supporting parent award certificate

Examples for Filling Out Certificates (Click Any Image): 

black and gold award certificate example

basketball award certificate example

best coach award certificate

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