5 Field Day Ideas You’re Sure to Love

Field Day is every kids’ favorite day of the school year. A whole day devoted to games… HEAVY on the fun, LIGHT on the learning. What could be better?

When it comes to organizing your school’s field day, the goal is to keep it fun and eventful without exhausting everyone involved. Luckily, SignUp.com has you covered with some great ideas and activities to make sure Field Day goes smoothly!

Five Field Day Activities You Will Love

5 Fun Field Day Ideas 

Pizza Box Race: Start with a stack of 10 empty pizza boxes for each team and teams of 10 kids. Two kids at a time run the pizza boxes to a finish line and stack them, first one box at a time, then two, then three then four. There must be 4 hands on the box(es) at all time (2 kids). When all 10 boxes make it to the finish line, the team elects two kids to bring the entire stack back – as fast as possible.

Bucket Toss: This toss game gets more challenging the longer kids play but gives everyone a chance to win! Take 10 or 12 good size buckets or pails and line them up in two rows (for two kids to play at once, head-to-head). Kids will each be given a ball and a chance to toss it into the closest bucket, repeat for the next closest bucket and so on until they’re aiming for the last bucket. Offer consolation prizes to all who make it into one bucket and a grand prize to kids who get it in the furthest one.

Egg & Spoon Race (or Apple & Spoon Race): Incorporating speed and coordination, this game really has kids howling and cheering for one another. Line students up in two side-by-side lines, give the first two a wooden spoon with an egg or apple on it and have them race to a finish line without dropping what they are carrying.

Plunger Challenge: Beginning with 4-8 plungers, have students pass a ball back-and forth as many times as possible with the plungers. Younger kids do this while standing in a circle, older kids while running toward a finish line. Kids compete for lowest score – one point is awarded each time the ball hits the ground.

Water Balloon Toss: Field Day is all about being outside in the fresh air and hot sunshine, making water-themed games a must! For this game, have students pair off and line up about 6 feet away from one another. First students toss their balloon and those who do not drop their balloon stay in the game, taking two steps back to increase the distance from one another at each round. Continue until there is only one team left.

Pro Tip #1: SignUp is the perfect tool for bringing in more school volunteers. Have parents sign up to bring supplies, work stations, or clean up when the day is done!

Pro Tip #2: Allow participants to show off their winnings – reward teams with different colored beaded necklaces, rubber band bracelets, or small ribbons to indicate how they placed in each event. This also gives them something to hold onto long after Field Day is over!


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