Family Reunion Icebreaker Game: Would You Rather for Families

Free Printable Family Reunion Activity – Downloadable Icebreaker Game for Families

Need activity ideas for your upcoming Family Reunion? SignUp has a fun icebreaker activity for the entire family to play... Would You Rather? Get even more tips and planning tricks, plus more activity suggestions for your family reunion this summer with our Family Reunion Planning Guide!


Family Reunion Would You Rather Game

Recommended Supplies:

  • Free Printable Would You Rather... Icebreakers for Family Reunions from SignUp
  • Heavy weight
  • Scissors

Directions: Download (or print) the Would You Rather...Icebreakers for Family Reunions pdf file below. Ask a family member to host the activity – they simply read what is on each card and choose a few family members to answer each question. The entire family can join in on the fun and it's a great way to learn new things about family members!

Click on any image below to download the printable PDF file (8 pages) that includes all our Get to Know You... Discussion Cards for Family Reunions:

Start planning your next family reunion with SignUp – find planning ideas and tips for fun family gatherings in our Family Reunion Planning Guide.