Family Reunion Game: Trivia Questions for Families

A Fun Family Reunion Activity for In-Person or Virtual Reunions

Are you hosting this year's family reunion or did you volunteer to coordinate games and entertainment for your entire family? SignUp is your go-to reunion / family activity destination with free printables and ideas galore! 

Get your planning started with our guide for planning your best family reunion yet, and check out this (downloadable or printable) trivia game for a fun activity that will engage the entire family, whether attending in-person or virtually.


Family Reunion Trivia


  1. Download or print a copy of the Trivia Questions page for the person leading the trivia game and asking the questions. Pro tip: Laminate the questions sheet after printing them to make them reusable for future get togethers and to protect the question sheet from the elements (weather, water & spills) of your family reunion. 

  2. Print multiple copies of page 2 – one copy for each person in attendance at your reunion. Pro Tip: Save a tree by asking participants to use their electronic devices, chalkboard, or whiteboard to record their answers instead.

  3. Have one person call all the questions and have each player write down their answers.

  4. After all the questions have been answered, decide as a group what the correct answers really are. 

  5. Have each player grade their own answer sheet and see who knows the family the best! Prizes optional, laughter absolutely required.

Click on any image below to download the printable PDF file that Includes both pages (trivia questions and answer sheet).

Ideas for Custom Questions

If you need more questions or want to mix it up each reunion, think of some things to ask that are relative to your family – pun intended ;).

Names: “What is Uncle / Aunt [insert your relative’s nickname here] real name?” or “What was Grandma [insert name here]’s middle name?” or “How did Uncle [insert name here] get his name?”.

Recognition: “Who is currently in college?” or “Who recently retired?” or “Who got promoted at work last month?”

Family Characters: “Who is the gossip queen of the family?” or “Why is Grandpa [insert name]’s nickname [insert nickname]?”.

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