Team-Approved Meal Ideas

Simple Options for Feeding Your Hungry Sports Crew

Team meals are the perfect way to build camaraderie among teammates, and to provide the nourishment they need to perform well at practices and games. Don’t stress – team meals don’t have to be an overwhelming ordeal for the busy parents pitching in. SignUp will help you get organized and recruit any helpers you need! From pregame and post-game meals to holiday parties and end-of-season celebrations, check out these suggestions for simple meals that the whole team (and parent planners) will appreciate.

Team Meal Ideas

Handheld Food

These tried-and-true easy meal options don’t have to be boring – get creative with fillings and toppings to mix things up! (Swap beef for chicken, make an all-veggie option, grill up some pineapple to offer as a topping, offer various dipping sauces, etc.)

  • Tacos and burritos

  • Sandwiches and/or wraps

  • Sloppy joes

  • Burgers and hot dogs

  • Kabobs

  • Chicken fingers or wings

  • Pizza

  • Spring rolls and dumplings

Crockpot or Instant Pot Meals

Busy parents appreciate meal options that you can fix, set, and forget!

  • Chili

  • Stew

  • Chicken and dumplings

  • Pulled pork

  • Meatballs

Pro Tip: Get more (pressure and slow) cooker meal ideas from Instant Pot and Crock Pot.

Carb-Loading Meals

If the team’s got a big game in the next day or two, a meal high in carbohydrates is perfect as an energy source to boost performance.

  • Pasta dish (lasagna, spaghetti, ravioli, etc.) with garlic bread

  • Fried rice with veggies and/or chicken, pork, or beef

  • Oven baked chicken and rice

  • Potato bar

  • Mac n cheese bar

Pro Tip: For the food bar ideas above, provide a Build Your Own experience with traditional toppings like bacon bits and sour cream, plus some fun twists for personal creations – various cheeses, steamed veggies, pulled pork, black beans, etc.

Team Party SignUp

Potluck Themes

Get all the team parents involved in the dinner creation efforts by having them sign up to bring a dish – choose a specific ethnic cuisine to decorate and guide food choices.

  • Mexican

  • Italian

  • American

  • Caribbean

  • Chinese

  • Mediterranean

Team Meal Planning Tips

No matter what you’re serving up to the team…

  • Ask about dietary restrictions at the beginning of the season and alert all parents bringing food to clearly label any known allergens (and to provide an alternative meal option if needed). 

  • Plan early to avoid the stress of the last-minute scramble.

  • Use SignUp’s free online planner to easily recruit helpers for setting up, cleaning up, and purchasing needed supplies.

  • Keep a portable crate full of supplies for easy setup, serving, and cleanup. Think paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils, trash bags, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and wipes.

  • Set up the food buffet style for simple serving.

  • Incorporate games and other team building activities into meal time.

  • Take photos to capture relaxed team time.

  • Have fun!


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