Tutor Appreciation Ideas: Celebrate Terrific Tutors

Give Thanks to Those Helping You Grow

National Tutor Appreciation Week (occurring the first week in October) is the ideal time to show your gratitude to those dedicating their time to support your success! Whether your tutor is your teacher, a student volunteer, a professional instructor, or someone else – check out these in-person and virtual options for showing your sincere appreciation.

Tutor Appreciation Ideas

Celebrate Terrific Tutors

A small gift with a thoughtful note can have a big impact when it comes to making someone feel appreciated. Check out these suggestions to spark some ideas:

  • Jar of Reese’s Pieces: “Thank you for sharing pieces of your knowledge with me!”

  • Potted Plant: “Thank you for helping me grow!”

  • Compact Mirror: “This terrific tutor makes a huge difference – thank you!”

  • Umbrella: “Rain or shine, you are the best tutor of all time. Thank you!”

  • Body Wash and Loofah: “Thanks for showering me with care and knowledge!”

  • Fingernail Polish or Paint Brushes: “Tutors like you paint bright futures!”

  • S’mores Supplies: “We need s’more tutors like you!”

  • Coffee Shop Gift Card: “I appreciate you a-latte. Thank you for tutoring me!”

  • Hand Sanitizer: “Thank you for giving me a hand with (insert subject)!”

  • Lip Balm: “Thanks for being such a great tutor. You’re the balm!”

  • Mounds Bar + Mountain Dew: “Mounds of thanks for all you Dew!”

  • Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket: “I hit the JACKPOT having you as my tutor!”

  • Extra Gum: “Thanks for going the extra mile to help me succeed!”

  • Bag of Mints: “Thank you for your commit-MINT to my education!”

  • Giant Cookie: “Thanks for helping to make me one smart cookie!”


Print or write a quote related to tutoring, frame it, and give it to your favorite tutor so they can display it on their desk or on the wall – a daily reminder of how appreciated they are! For example:

  • “I’m a TUTOR. What’s your superpower?”

  • “It’s a great day for tutoring!”

  • “I make a difference.”

  • “Best. Tutor. Ever."


Handwrite a grateful thank you message that explains how your tutor has had an impact on your education or life, or thanking them for a specific thing they do that's had a positive impact. Even better, start a 'thank you jar' and spread the word so others who appreciate your tutor can add their own thankful note!

thankful jar for tutor appreciation week


Get crafty – make a homemade greeting card or draw a picture to say thank you.


Bake homemade cookies or cupcakes for your tutor(s) with messages like “Thank You”, “#1 Tutor”, “You Rock”, etc.


Make a fun graphic using Canva thanking your tutor for making a difference in your life, then share on Facebook and your social media pages (and be sure to tag them and your school, if applicable).


Create an appreciation video to share via Instagram and/or TikTok.


Get permission from the school office to hang a Tutor Appreciation board at the entrance of the school or outside of the office – then ask current and previous tutees to write thankful notes to tutors who have made a difference. (This could be a whiteboard, poster board, or something else.)


Stay in touch even after your tutoring sessions are over – one of the best ways to say thank you is to share your successes with your tutors and remind them that they helped get you there.


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