2 For 1 Resolutions: Give Back & Get Fit

Every year, two of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions include some version of giving back to the community and getting fit. Both of these are especially relevant during the pandemic – so many families in our communities are experiencing hardship and it might be time to shed those extra (sourdough and banana bread) pounds. In the spirit of being the multi-tasking queen (or king) you are, now is your chance to bring your GOOD intentions together for the ultimate 2-for-1 win. Invite family and friends to join you – everyone could use a boost!

2 For 1 New Year Resolutions

Sign Up to Be a Running Buddy

Organizations like Girls on the Run and Back on My Feet host regularly-scheduled running events for their good causes and ask for running volunteers to help encourage participants. Fun-runs like these remove the pressure of competition, so you can walk or run at your own pace, and usually the event lasts just a couple hours. (With social distancing in mind during the Covid-19 pandemic, look for virtual fun runs that allow you to log your own miles with a digital tracker.)


Dedicate Your Workouts to a Cause

Not into group exercise? With apps like Charity Miles or Atlas Run, raise funds for good causes with every mile logged. Walk or run on your own schedule. With each step you take, corporate sponsors help you help fight homelessness, hunger, or unemployment.


Plan for Impromptu or Organized Trail Cleanups

Give back to Mother Earth this year! Make it a habit to carry gloves and biodegradable trash bags with you on nature walks and hikes so you can pick up any trash you come across on your trek. Make an event out of your good deed – select a day and invite a few friends, family members, or neighbors to participate in a group cleanup hike. Be sure to use SignUp for planning and organizing your event!


Volunteer in the Garden at Your Local Food Bank

Bet you’ve never considered gardening to be exercise. If so, you would be mistaken! There’s quite a bit of walking and squatting involved, not to mention manual hoeing and plowing. Sign up to be a gardener volunteer at the local food bank – help grow the food that provides the less fortunate with much-needed meals while you get in shape!


Walk a Shelter Dog

This one’s for you, animal lovers. Give back, get fit, AND spend time with some pups? Heck yes! Volunteer to walk a dog at your local shelter. Generally, you can select a dog and sign up for time slots online. Check out the website of your local animal shelter to read up on their process and policies.

PRO TIP: No matter how you decide to give back while getting fit this year, keep safety in mind! If volunteering for an organization, call ahead or get online to schedule your volunteer slot. Wear a mask, wash your hands often and keep your distance.

Need more suggestions for paying it forward in your community? Check out SignUp's Community Action & Activism Resource Center


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