Spotlight on Iredell County Animal Services

Learn how a local animal shelter uses SignUp to coordinate their volunteer calendars

Please tell us about your organization and your volunteer needs.

Iredell County Animal Services is committed to making positive changes in the lives of Iredell County pets. ICAS is a municipal shelter, responsible for enforcing state and local animal control laws. We strives to do so through public education, and special programs and services; including low cost spay/neuter services. We are committed to positive outcomes, and welcome ideas from the public. We are always seeking to expand our services and community outreach.

Our volunteers are a vital part of the day to day operations of the shelter. Volunteers take shelter dogs on much needed walks for exercise and socialization. They also provide shelter animals with toys and enrichment activities throughout the day. Volunteers bathe and groom animals that are moving up for adoption. They serve as adoption counselors, actively interacting, and reaching out to the general public to determine what they are looking for in a pet. Volunteers are also trained to assist in surgery, and low cost vaccination clinics. Our volunteers are the face of our community shelter, and positively impact the lives of the animals here at Iredell County Animal Services.

Explain how you use SignUp.com to coordinate these volunteers.

SignUp.com allows volunteers to access their volunteer slots in a quick and efficient manner. Volunteers get to choose from 9 different volunteer slots per day that correlate to the tasks that they have been trained in. They can easily make comments to each other in order to make sure that all tasks are covered. Our volunteers also love SignUp.com’s reminder emails.

Why did you decide to use SignUp?

Iredell County Animal Services felt that SignUp.com was very user friendly for both staff and volunteers. As a volunteer coordinator, there are certain aspects of SignUp.com that make scheduling volunteers a little easier. Providing calendar views and list views, reminder emails, multiple sign ups, reports, and messaging options are all aspects that SignUp.com offers that are essential to volunteer scheduling.

What’s one piece of advice you have for volunteers or their leaders out there?

Our advice to volunteer coordinators would be, to make sure that your volunteers know how vital they are to your organization. Iredell County Animal Services is fortunate to have fantastic volunteers that truly take Iredell County Animal Services volunteer and community outreach programs to the next level.

What else would you like our readers to know about your organization or volunteering?

Iredell County Animal Services would certainly not be where it is at today without the continued support of our dedicated volunteers and fosters. They spend long hours healing and nurturing animals so that they may go for rescue or adoption. They exhibit the patience and commitment that helps transition our animals into their forever homes. Our volunteers are truly invaluable resources.

We salute the Iredell County Animal Services and all the other volunteers making a difference in their communities. Check out how SignUp.com's online coordination solutions and volunteer calendars can keep all your volunteers organized! 


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