8 Ways to Use SignUp for Back to School

As we head into another school year, K-12 school campuses everywhere are looking for ways to ease into the Fall semester. Whether it's for safety or sanity, appointment setting and occupancy management are great ways to do just that – and SignUp is ready to help support whatever your needs may be! Check out these 8 great ways that school leaders are using our platform to prepare for the Fall semester.

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Pre-Semester Campus Visits & Materials Pickup

Even prior to the first day of school, many students will want to visit campus to get their bearings – to locate their assigned classrooms and figure out the general layout of campus. It’s also common for students to visit campus pre-semester for the purpose of picking up supplies like books and computers. SignUp gives teachers and other school staff the ability to coordinate these visits in shifts, allowing students to select a day and time to visit campus so occupancy is limited. 

Locker Move-In

Many school campuses are using SignUp to manage occupancy numbers for students moving into lockers, allowing only a certain number of students to do so at any given time to allow for social distancing needs.

Health Screening Station Volunteers

Many schools are requiring all on-campus staff and students to start their day at check-in stations where they are screened for fever and other symptoms of illness. Use SignUp to manage temperature takers and other screening station volunteers. If staggered start times are needed to regulate student drop-off volume, SignUp can support your scheduling needs.

Classroom Occupancy Management

Some schools have asked students and their parents to decide whether or not they wish to take on-campus classes in the Fall – for those that learn better in this type of setting, rather than via distance learning channels, school leaders must figure out a way to make this a safe option. SignUp’s platform is here to help in these efforts, making it simple to coordinate room reservations with a maximum limit on the number of students allowed per session.

Office Hours and Tutoring

It’s always a good idea to offer one-on-one time with students via office hours and tutoring sessions – this Fall, with many more students taking classes online, these types of learning support are even more important. With SignUp’s NEW Add-a-Spot feature, school faculty and older students can add their availability by subject, and students can sign up for those available slots.

Athletic Practice Shifts

With social distancing needs in mind, coaches are directing their athletes to SignUp to choose time slots for baseball and football practice, tennis court reservations, swim practice, etc.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

SignUp’s tool has long been used by teachers to schedule meetings with their students’ parents. With face-to-face meetings posing a risk due to the coronavirus last year, many instructors moved their parent-teacher conferences to virtual channels like Zoom and GoToMeeting. Check out these helpful tips for teachers to pull off a successful conference season.

Remote Learning Pods

Whether facilitated by parents, or by hired tutors, teachers or aids – many families are turning to Remote Learning Pods to supplement distance learning. “Pods” of kids in similar grades meet in small groups for focused instruction and socialization. The families split any associated costs and mutually agree on safety practices to be followed by the group. Use SignUp to register families for your Pods and to set up supplemental learning schedules. 

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