8 Ways to Use SignUp for Back to School

As we head into the new school year, K-12 leadership teams everywhere are looking for ways to welcome teachers, students & families back together – with ease. Check out these 8 great ways that school leaders are using SignUp to save time, boost parent participation, and support student success. 

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Pre-Semester Campus Visits

Even prior to the first day of school, many students will want to visit campus to get their bearings – to locate their assigned classrooms and figure out the general layout of campus. It’s also common for students to visit campus pre-semester to pick up supplies like books and computers. SignUp gives teachers and other school staff the ability to coordinate these visits in shifts, allowing students and families to select a day and time to visit campus so everyone has time to explore, ask questions and get oriented. 


Locker Move-In

Tame the chaos and add a little social distancing in the hallway by limiting the number of students who can move into their lockers at a given time. Setting up move-in shifts is easy with SignUp and students and their families can choose a time that’s best for them.


Welcoming Back Teachers and Staff

Teachers and other school staff are the backbone of education – it literally wouldn't be possible without them. Kick off the year on an appreciative note with these heartfelt ways to show some back-to-school luv to the heroes that go above and beyond all year long to set up our kiddos for future success!

Back-to-School Night

Your B2S Night is the perfect time to capitalize on the excitement of the new school year – get tips and ideas here. Use this time to educate families about planned activities throughout the year and how they can sign up to participate. (Pro Tip: Spread the word about SignUp's time-saving, participation-boosting tool with these free flyers!)

Room Parents: Recruiting & Supporting 

Room Parents can offer invaluable support to elementary school teachers in coordinating classroom helpers and volunteers, organizing class parties, and supporting fundraisers and teacher celebrations. Wrangling other parents can be hard and time-consuming work – that’s why SignUp helps these classroom heroes get parents engaged and participating, with ease. SignUp's Room Parent Idea Center is full of tips, ideas, printable graphics, and more to help find inspiration and plan with ease!!

Public Health Precautions

When needed, SignUp makes it a snap to support your public health precautions. Whether you’re managing classroom occupancy limits, recruiting health screening volunteers, staggering drop-off times, or setting up reservations for studio spaces and gym practice facilities, SignUp is here to help your coordination efforts in keeping your campus community healthy.


Office Hours and Tutoring

It’s always a good idea to offer one-on-one time with students via office hours and tutoring sessions – this Fall, with many more students catching up from last year, and the possibility of pandemic disruptions during the semester, these types of learning support are even more important. With SignUp’s Add-a-Spot feature, school faculty and older students can add their availability by subject, and students can sign up for individual appointments.


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Get ready for the smoothest and best-attended parent-teacher conference season ever — SignUp takes care of the busy-work in juggling everyone’s schedule so teachers can focus on the meaningful work of making remarkable learning experiences! Whether meetings are face-to-face or via virtual channels like Zoom and GoToMeeting, SignUp makes it easy for parents to choose when to meet and reminds them so they show up on time, every time. Check out these helpful tips for teachers to pull off a successful conference season.

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