Nut-Free Snack Ideas for Classroom and Team Celebrations

Food Allergy Friendly Snacks for Kids

Thanks to SunButter® Sunflower Butter for this great guest post!

The fall season is ripe with classroom and team festivities including fall class parties, Halloween, baseball and soccer games, and more. Approximately two kids in every classroom have a food allergy, so parents need to be careful when bringing treats for school and team activities. Check out these nut-free snack ideas and planning tips that will help keep kids with food allergies safe, and make for a simple, stress-free season of fun!

Nut-Free Kids' Snacks Ideas for classroom and team celebrations

Nut-Free Snacks for Kids:

1.SunButter® Sunflower Butter: Delicious, filling and free from the top 8 food allergens including peanuts, SunButter is a must-have allergy-safe snack for schools and teams – and it’s available in convenient On the Go Single Cups. Spread it on rice cakes topped with fruit or chocolate chips, add it to healthy greek yogurt, dip pretzels in it and chomp down . . . the ideas are endless! Find more delicious and fun SunButter snack recipes here.

SunButter Natural Sunflower Butter

2.Popcorn & Sunny Chow: A top allergy-safe pick for parents and kids is popcorn! Versatile in flavor and easy for kids to eat, popcorn can also be jazzed up with melted chocolate and SunButter for an extra delicious treat. Get the recipe here.

Sunny Chow takes it to the next level with a nut-free take on the kid-favorite “Puppy Chow.” Rice Chex or Crispix cereal coated in creamy chocolate and SunButter and dusted with powdered sugar can easily become a class party must-have. Get the recipe! 

3. Mini Muffin Brownie Bites: A kid-approved favorite, nut-free brownie bites are an allergy-safe alternative to other go-to party pastries that are often processed in facilities that also process nuts. Ripe bananas, SunButter, vanilla and chocolate chips make this healthy, bite-sized treat perfect for handing out at classroom and team parties. Find this and more great recipes in the here.

Allergy-Safe Snack Planning:

For room parents, team parents and teachers, getting the word out about food allergies and organizing events where there is food can be complicated. Save time, stress less and be safe with these top planning tips and best practices:

1.Disseminate allergy information and food guidelines: Does your child’s classroom only accept store-bought snacks? Are there nut allergies and dairy allergies among your team players? Ask the important questions from your teacher and coach at the start of the school year or season and make sure to include these reminders for parents on all communications – emails, newsletters, SignUps, social media, etc. Find a free, downloadable “Nut-free Classroom” sign to post on your teacher’s wall, here.

2.Coordinate snacks with SignUp: Whether it’s a team snack schedule or a class party SignUp sheet, SignUp.com makes it easy for parents to sign up to bring food to an activity or event, learn exactly what is needed and what foods to avoid, and get reminded of their commitment! Team parents and room parents can build snack schedules and SignUps in minutes and invite parents to sign up 24/7 from the convenience of their computer or smartphone – no passwords needed! Automated reminders and eCalendar sync keep everyone on track.


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