5 Tips for Getting Out The Vote

In addition to the really big election before us, there are elections on the state and local level that need your attention, too! No matter your political affiliation or preference, getting out the vote is important. If you are feeling particularly compelled to get involved this year, here are best practices for getting organized and helping others get registered to vote.

Whether you are starting a grassroots effort, or working on behalf of an established organization with a vested interest in who will be setting policy, use SignUp.com's free online SignUps and coordiantion solutions to organize volunteers and canvassers. Create a SignUp and keep track of volunteers, their shifts, jobs, hours and even track where they will be working! Canvassers can sign up other volunteers in the field from their smartphones or tablets. SignUp.com provides real-time e-calendar syncing and automated reminders, making volunteer coordination the easiest part of getting out the vote!

1. Timing, Timing, Timing! It’s been proven that efforts to get out the vote are most effective in the final weeks and days leading up to the election as voters begin to pay more attention. Do a big early voting push and then really go all out in the final week and on Election Day itself!

2. Remember Your Goal: The goal of your get out the vote campaign is to get as many of your supporters as possible to actually go vote. First, identify your supporters –the people who are already persuaded to support your candidate –and then motivate those supporters to go vote.

3. Voters respond to urgency! Voters are more likely to turn out because they believe that their vote will make a difference. Use your mission and core issues to highlight what’s at stake, and convince your supporters that every vote counts.

4. Make it Easy: Voters can let little things keep them from the polls. Make sure you provide all the basic information-- like where to vote and when the polls are open and what kind of identification is necessary-- to make voting as easy as possible.

5. Make it Personal: Research shows that people are more likely to vote when contacted personally by someone they know. Call your circle of influence or use social media to ask your contacts for their commitment to voting.

Remember to use positive messaging to encourage people to vote –no shame or blame. Remind them of how their vote matters your community’s future and your organization’s issues!