Cheers to Step Up For Soldiers

Learn how a Veterans Assistance Fund uses SignUp to manage their volunteer program

Step Up For Soldiers is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to members of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, with a mission to provide disabled veterans who experienced loss of limb and mobility problems with the resources necessary to adjust in a post-war environment. SignUp proudly powers the group's volunteer scheduling process – so we asked the organization to share its experience and any advice that may be helpful to similar groups hoping to make similar impacts in their communities.

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Please tell us about your organization and your signup needs.
Step Up For Soldiers was founded in 2004, by Tom Russell whose goal was to build a wheelchair accessible ramps for two local National Guard Soldiers who had lost their legs during their tours of duty. Since its inception, the purpose of the organization has expanded to provide funding to soldiers who need financial assistance as well as home modifications, family support and more.

Step Up hosts various fundraising events throughout the year and are the beneficiaries of a number of events hosted by other local organizations. Events include a "Combat Mud Run", BBQ cook-off, summer concert series and other small, one-off events.

Explain how you use SignUp to coordinate these volunteers.
Signup has been very helpful in a few ways. It allows us to easily add contacts to our distribution list, with the option of folks adding themselves on a generic event, create events and have folks sign up on their own vs. us having to assign all spots, and easily email event volunteers based on those who have signed up vs. having to add individual email addresses

Why did you decide to use SignUp?
We chose Signup.com because of it's ratings, and upon a trial run decided it fulfilled all our needs. Ease of use and overall user interface was part of our decision process.

What advice do you have for other volunteer coordinators out there?
Communication is imperative, with your organization and with your volunteers. Think like a volunteer – what information would you want to know? Have as many details as you can have prepared for questions, not only about your event but also about the organization also.

What else would you like our readers to know about your organization?
Our organization helps out young, local veterans. There's a lot of resources for the older generations but not much for the younger vets. We are currently wrapping up a project called the "Kramer House". This is a transition house for a veteran and his/her family during the period the vet is attending a local university. The rent will be low and a portion of the rent payments will be given back to the family as a startup fund once the individual graduates.

Details can be found at https://www.stepupforsoldiers.org/kramer-house. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and go directly to local vets.

We salute Stand Up for Soldiers and all the other volunteers making a difference in their communities. Check out how SignUp.com's online coordination solutions and volunteer calendars can keep all your volunteers organized! 


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