Fun Ideas for a Special Start to the School Year

Plan a Memorable First Day of School: Suggestions for Parents and Teachers

Get ready to kick off the school year with a bang and make this new academic adventure one for the books! Whether you’re a parent who wants to support your star student and the amazing educators who help nurture them, or a teacher looking to make a unique first-day impression on your class – check out our ideas for planning a day that is fun, engaging, and filled with positive energy to set the tone for the whole year.

how to make a memorable first day of school

Teacher Tips: How to Make the First Day Special for Students 

Welcome Wall of Compliments: Set up a "Welcome Wall" to foster a positive and supportive classroom culture – students can write compliments and encouraging messages for their classmates.

Mystery Bag Introductions: Each student brings in a mystery bag with three items that represent themselves, and the class takes turns guessing the contents, making it a fun and interactive way to get to know each other.

Interactive Scavenger Hunt: Organize an interactive scavenger hunt around the school to help students familiarize themselves with their new environment while having a blast.

Class Playlist: Collaborate with students to create a class playlist with their favorite songs to play during breaks or quiet work time.

Classroom Time Capsule: Create a time capsule with your students – have them write down their hopes and dreams for the school year. You can open it at the end of the year and reflect on their progress.

Classroom Cheers or Chants: Teach the class some fun and enthusiastic cheers or chants that they can use to celebrate achievements or boost each other's spirits.

Parent Pointers: How to Make Day One Special for the Kiddos

Create a School Countdown: Build excitement for the new year by starting a countdown calendar with your child in the days leading up to the first day of school.

Video Encouragement: Record a video message from you and the family, expressing your love and support for your child’s year ahead. They can watch it whenever they need a little boost of encouragement.

B2S Bracelet: Create a special bracelet or wristband for them to wear on the first day. It can be a reminder of your love and support throughout the day.

Personalized School Supplies: Personalize their school supplies with stickers or labels featuring their name or favorite characters.

Lunchbox Surprise: Make first-day lunchtime awesome with a small surprise in your child’s lunchbox – it could be a handwritten note or joke, a photo of you and your child, or their fave snack.

First-Day Stories: After school, give your child your undivided attention and ask them to share the details of their day, and share a fun first-day story of your own.

After-School Celebration: When your superstar returns home from school, celebrate their getting through the first day with “Congrats” signage, balloons, or their favorite treat, or plan a celebratory after-school outing.

Parent Pointers: How to Make Day One Special for Teachers

Show Appreciation: A simple thank-you note, a sweet email, or even a warm in-person expression of gratitude can go a long way in making teachers feel valued and acknowledged for their hard work. Pro Tip: Get back-to-school staff appreciation ideas, plus printable notes here!

Teacher Survival Kit: Create a "Teacher Survival Kit" with items like snacks, hand sanitizer, sticky notes, and other essentials to help the teacher stay prepared and energized.

Offer a Helping Hand: Volunteer your assistance – whether it's organizing materials, chaperoning field trips, or supporting class activities, your willingness to contribute your time and skills provides teacher support.

Support Classroom Needs: Inquire about the supplies or resources the teacher may require for the school year and offer help. Pro Tip: Use a free online SignUp to invite other class parents to donate to the cause with simple group money collection via PayPal and Stripe.

Express Intent to Work as a TeamFamiliarize yourself with the classroom policies, homework expectations, and guidelines set by the teacher – support and reinforce these policies at home to ensure consistency.

Teacher Relaxation Kit: Create a relaxation kit with scented candles, bath salts, and other pampering items to help the teacher unwind after a busy first day.

The first day of school sets the tone for the rest of the year – by creating a positive and welcoming experience, parents and teachers can help students feel comfortable, excited, and motivated to learn.


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