School Volunteer Jobs to Fit Your (Busy) Schedule 

Say 'Yes' to Volunteering Opportunities that Work for You!

Back to school and back at it! We know it’s not just our kids who are heading back to school -- you’re committed to pitching in and showing up. And when volunteering at the school, it’s easy to stay in-the-know, network a bit, and of course, show your kids you support them and care about their education. Whatever your day-to-day looks like, find a school volunteer job that fits your schedule – big or small!

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You have a ton of free time and welcome a big volunteer commitment! With hours of preparation and planning ahead, you can take the lead here as:

  • PTA/PTO Board Member

  • Fundraising or Event Chair – think carnival, gala, auction, art or talent show, science fair (easy for parent volunteers, heavy lifting for the lead)

  • Elementary Class Parent/Room Parent – organize parties, teacher gifts, classroom volunteers and anything else the teacher requests

  • Project Graduation Head

You’re noticing a few free slots on your calendar and would love to fill those with some time spent at school with the kiddos – a mid-size volunteer commitment is ideal this year. Pitch in part-time with these roles:

  • Concession Stand Contributor (often at night or on weekends, seasonal)

  • Kindergarten Activity Helper (usually 1 hour per week)

  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch Organizer (usually 1x per month)

  • Library Helper (all year, usually for 1-2 hrs per week)

  • Computer Room Volunteer (all year, usually for 1-2 hours per week)

  • Lunchroom Monitor (all year, usually for 1-2 hrs per week or per month)

  • Art or Music Class Volunteer (all year, usually for 1-2 hours per week or month)

  • Recess Supervisor (all year, usually for 1 hour per week or month)

  • Class Photographer (attends every classroom event)

  • Garden Helper (weekly watering and maintenance)

PTA Volunteer SignUps

You are swamped and stay swamped. But just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you don’t know how to show up and lend a hand! These targeted volunteer commitment opportunities are the perfect addition to your busy year.

  • Send Treats/Snacks/Drinks/Crafts/Games for classroom parties/events

  • Chaperone a Field Trip (1-2x per year, often all day)

  • Read to the Class (30 minutes, 1x per year or term)

  • Celebrate Teachers by bringing (or buying) treats for the break room or Teacher Appreciation potluck during special holidays and events. (test-day coffee & bagels, pies for Thanksgiving, etc.)

  • Donate School Supplies that teacher has requested

  • Manage a Booth at the carnival (one day, 2-3 hr shift, often on a weekend)

  • Assist the Nurse with health and vision screenings (1x per year)

  • Attend a Career Day and share your profession (typically one day, 2-3 hours)

  • Join a Campus Cleanup day (bring the whole family to pitch in on a weekend morning or afternoon)

  • Provide Food for Performers (band, orchestra, theatre, etc.).

  • Demonstrate Experiments during classroom lab days or at Science Night. 

  • Chaperone a Dance (3-5 hours + free embarrassment for your kids!)

  • Volunteer at Project Graduation – watch doors (no escapees), search for contraband, check-in, serve food, work the party stations etc. 

Maybe helping from home is more aligned with your schedule this year – no problem, check out these remote volunteer opportunities

  • Update the Website or class group page

  • Coordinate online SignUps using SignUp!

  • Make Phone Calls soliciting auction donations

  • Add Social Media Content to school or class accounts

  • Cut and Package learning materials for elementary school classrooms

  • Hem uniforms for band, cheer, choir, etc.

  • Provide Bookkeeping assistance for the PTA/PTO. 

  • Paint Signs for large events like carnival and art days

  • Support Product Fundraisers by selling items to your neighbors, family, or co-workers

With no shortage of opportunities to volunteer at school, pick a volunteer job that fits your schedule. Whether you’re the Room Parent, concession stand contributor, or snack queen – you are guaranteed to find some fun and ‘feel good’ in helping out this year.


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